About us

M/s Diamond Agricultural Industry Sargodha established first in 1975, and manufactured Diamond Wheat Thresher.

In 1990, this organization M/s Diamond Agricultural Industry manufactured Gram Thresher for the gram growing areas of the country. It helped the farmers to collect their crops in time and faster than ever. In views of some people that it was an almost revolutionary step taken by Diamond Agricultural Industry, in this particular field. In 1995, Seed Drill and Disc Harrow for irrigation purposes were also manufactured by this organization.


Seed Drill is one of the basic needs of any farmer while seeding any of crops anywhere in the country. The working efficiency of all the products is good and preferred by the farmers of Pakistan.

This Organization keeps on working for the best development in farm-house machinery so that our farmer can get more and better crop yield from their land. At present this organization is working like system standard to get more and more better results from manufactured products.

We increased in our products t peanut thresher since 2010, and after

Mainly manufacturers of, Wheat Thresher, Rice Thresher, Gram Thresher, Straw chopper, Rotavator,  Wheat Seed Drill, Sugarcane Planter, Ditcher Plough, Chisel plough, Bed Planter, Spade Cultivator, Band placement drill, Coulter Drill, Rota drill, Seed Grader, Fodder Cutter , Trolly every kind .